Learning focus; Autumn one 2019

Supporting the children in settling back into nursery or settling into nursery for the first time will be our aim over the next few weeks. We will upload a summary of how your child has settled into nursery and will upload photos via tapestry. Please add your comments, thoughts and feelings about this important time in your little ones life. As the children settle back into nursery we will focus on supporting the children in gaining an understanding of our nursery environment, routines and boundaries. This is very important as it will lay strong foundations for the children to build upon, to enable them to learn and develop. The children will need to learn skills helping them to be able to sit for group time, be independent and active learner, explore and have the freedom indoors and outdoors, accessing the environment safely, listen attentively to stories, join in singing, music and movement. All this will take time, coaching and practice. One of the first things that we will be learning at nursery is how to be independent such as -hand washing -using the toilet independently or learning to do this -accessing resources, where to find them and how to tidy them away -what equipment is used for, how to use it and how to use it safely. -moving around the rooms and areas safely -learn how to get along with others -share and take turns We will promote this though fun activities, games, songs, and of course praise from their teachers and even each other.

At group time we are going to talk about what make us similar or different to each other. We will discuss differences such as our names, hair/eye colour, how old we are, our families, our homes and our likes/dislikes.

We will be looking closely at our faces and learning about feelings and emotions through games, activities and songs and introducing our good to be green behaviour system that we use in nursery.

We will be talking about our homes and we will link this to fairy tales “the 3 little pigs”, “Goldilocks and the 3 bears” and “3 billy goats gruff”. We will do this through retelling stories using puppets and using our story shelves.

We are continually promoting the importance of reading with young children. We have a wonderfully resources lending library with books for all ages and story sacks (books with props to retell a story), please feel free to take these home whenever you wish, we do ask

you to fill in the lending library book. We also have a selection of educational games and jigsaws that again can be borrowed at any time. If books or games are drawn in, tatty or have pages or pieces missing please let a member of staff know and we can dispose of these and they can be replaced.

Within the next few weeks the children will receive their own plastic wallet, book (they have choose) and a communication book for parents to write in. We hope this will promote the children’s love of books and the importance of sharing books together at home. Inside are a number of leaflets to support parents with pre-reading skills. These will give you tips for how to give your child the best start through early reading opportunities.

Our home corner is now back in our main room as this is an important area when children start nursery, as this is somewhere they familiar with. In our role play we have set up a shop as we know this is something very familiar to our children. This will encourage interaction with staff and hopefully peers, encourage cooperation, sharing and encourage new vocabulary and language.

Please remember that you can communicate with us at any time via ‘tapestry’ -you can upload pictures of days out, special times, new skills/activities etc -respond to the observations that we send you by adding a comment or ‘liking’ them -As a means of communication i.e. asking questions/letting us know things.