We are so excited for the year ahead. We have created a stimulating learning environment which will encourage our children to feel happy, safe and valued. This will enable them to be the best they can be in the first chapter of their school education.

We know we could not achieve a great success without the support of our parent/carers. We appreciate all of your support. We use an online journal to capture the great experiences our children have. This is a fantastic interactive tool which promotes a positive partnership between school and home. Tapestry can be accessed by all parent/ carers.

We look forward to achieving great things together.

Reception Team

Autumn Term

Our primary aim is for children to be settled and happy to come to school; to develop a love of learning and begin to equip them with all of the skills they will need for the year ahead.

The theme for this term is 'Ourselves and our senses'. Within this theme we will encourage children to explore all of their senses with a strong focus on communication and language skills and personal, social and emotional development.

A big part of Reception is utilising all areas; both indoors and outdoors, no matter what the weather. We are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful outdoor area which we will use daily to develop and consolidate our learning.

We will keep you informed of topics and events through Tapestry.