Year 3

Hello and welcome to the Year 3 web page. We are looking forward to working with every individual child in Year 3 this academic year.

In our class, we are aiming high in our work and behaviour, so that all the children can be as successful as possible. We encourage everyone to try their best at all times and persevere when faced with more difficult work. We provide a caring, creative environment for all pupils to learn and become more responsible, whether they are working independently, in pairs, in a group or as a class. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school and make an appointment. 

Miss C. Marshall (teacher) and Mrs H. Anderson (teaching assistant).

Autumn Term

We have started this term by looking at the Ancient Egyptians. Great interest has already been shown in archaeology and Tutankhamun.

In literacy we will focus on a range of narratives, poetry and non-chronological reports. The pupils will write stories and various information texts for a range of purposes and audiences.

Within our literacy we will continue to develop skills in spelling, phonics, handwriting, punctuation and grammar. The children will also further their reading comprehension skills and develop their understanding in response to a range of texts.

Reading is an essential part of learning. We would love you to look at ‘real’ books with your child, so they can develop an enthusiasm for reading. This could be stories, poems, comics or factual books to name but a few.

In mathematics we will be learning about aspects of: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division facts (times tables are vital!), 2D and 3D shapes, statistics and time.

The children will learn about how to improve their sketching skills using pencils, painting and different ways to print.

This term we will be making ornate masks as worn by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

The children will explore how to programme using Scratch and how to stay safe when using computers. Word processing using Word will be taught so that the pupils are able to produce written documents independently.

Up to half-term the science focus is rocks and soils. We will make predictions, carry out experiments, examine soils and find out the properties of different rocks.
After half-term the children will be learning about light. They will learn how light travels and how we can see objects.

PE lessons will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays this term.
In PE the children will be developing and improving their skills in dance and gymnastics. They will be encouraged to develop knowledge of balancing skills and techniques. Children will use their knowledge of the relationship between the body and exercise to improve their fitness. They will learn to create sequences containing a variety of gymnastic or dance components.

The focus in games is netball. The pupils are encouraged to develop their level of hand/eye
co-ordination and team work. Hopefully we will have some aspiring stars for the school team in the future.

Through discussions and activities, the pupils will think about what people believe about God and the role rules play in religions.

Parlez vous Francais? We are venturing into French, learning how to say some simple words and ask/ answer questions about colours, names and our ages.

As Christmas approaches, the pupils will have the opportunity to use simple musical notation and practise rhythms.