Year 5 

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break and are feeling rested. The children have returned to school with a super attitude to learning and already have produced some excellent of this to follow. All the children are set for the Spring term, however if your child has any worries or concerns please contact me, either via the office or at the end of the day and I will do my very best to help. We have several exciting learning opportunities planned and we are looking forward to enjoying these. Within the next week, you will find details of our curriculum for the Spring term. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Year 5 curriculum or your child’s learning, again, please do not hesitate to contact me.



During the first half of the Spring term, the children will write an explanation text that allows them to use their understanding of the character of the mother vole and her concerns for her young voles, this will be based upon and modeled using our class text - The River singers. 

In addition, the children will look at the use of relative pronouns and how these can be embedded in the sentence. They will look at complex sentences and how parenthesis is used to add extra information using brackets, dashes and commas. They will also revise the use of commas to separate clauses when FANBOYS are used.

Within reading opportunities in English lessons, children will understand that authors use personification of animals to describe relationships of characters within a narrative. They will look at the dangers on a river for animals and make links to Science with habitats and predator/prey relationships.

Within the text, the children will have the opportunity to look at the use of language by the author and the effect parenthesis has within the text. They will use this in their own short pieces of writing. They will look at the differences between character profiles and be able to retrieve information from the text to support and explain character’s actions and emotions.



During this half term, Year 5 will use fluency, reasoning and problem solving within lessons. During Week 1, we will focus on Place value and Roman numerals; Week 2, Addition and Subtraction; Week 3, Multiplication and Division; Week 4 Area of rectangular shapes; Week 5, Reflection and translation and finally, in Week 6, Properties of regular and irregular 2D shapes.

In maths lessons this week, we have been investigating the differences between regular and irregular polygons. Today, we used origami to create shapes, measured sides and angles to help us decide whether the shape was regular or irregular. It was a tricky task but we discovered lots about 2D shapes!

As part of our Topic about rivers, we have been creating a collection of art named ‘Journey along the river’. We had a brief to follow and designed our artwork, before finally using a wax resist technique, with fabric paints on cotton, to create our Batiks. We are very pleased with them.