Welcome to Year 5 and Year 6

    Hello and welcome to our class information page. We hope that you will find it informative and that it will keep you involved with what we are learning in Years 5 and 6. The children have returned to school after the summer break and have made a great start to the new term. In addition, they have shown an enthusiastic and dedicated approach to their learning. Across the year, we have several exciting learning opportunities planned and we are looking forward to enjoying these. Below you will find details of our curriculum for the autumn term. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Year 5 and 6 curriculum or your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office to arrange a meeting. Thank you.

Autumn Term


       In literacy we will focus on a range writing opportunities to meet the needs of various audiences and for various purposes. Where possible, the pieces will link directly to our topic work and specific texts. We will be studying and responding to a core fictional text centred around the theme of homelessness and will dip into other relevant texts related to our topics. The children will further their reading comprehension skills and develop their understanding, as well as responding to texts through drama and other additional speaking and listening activities.

We will develop skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar in dedicated lessons and will apply these through our reading and writing sessions.



       In mathematics we will be learning about aspects of: Number and Place Value, Calculations, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Measurement, and Geometry.


Geography- Children will develop geographical skills to investigate locations related to their history topic of World War One; they will research and investigate the human and physical impact of extreme weather conditions.


History- World War One-Children will gain a chronological understanding of events in this time period and where this event fits within a wider time frame. They will also look at how the Great War helped to shape the country in which we live.


Art- Children will be improving and developing their skills in art and design techniques, with the main focus being on a study of art and artists associated with World War One. We will also be investigating the skills and techniques used by artists to depict wild and extreme weather conditions.


Design and Technology-Children will learn about the rationing imposed due to World War One, and will try out tasty recipes using restricted and somewhat ‘unusual ingredients’!


RE-Children will explore key questions about different religions.


PHSE-Children will be involved in circle time during class assemblies; they will be involved in activities based on the theme of ‘Homelessness’ and other current topical issues.


ICT- Children will improve skills in digital literacy and citizenship. They will also further develop their skills in programming and digital presentations. We will also continue to consider aspects of e-safety.

Science- Children will work scientifically, planning and carrying out investigations, and evaluating outcomes. They will conduct experiments in relation to properties and changes to materials and will also investigate some aspects of forces.


PE- Children will be developing and improving their skills in football. They will also be fortunate enough to receive external coaching in boxing skills. Some pupils will attend swimming sessions on a Monday afternoon.