Year 4

Hello and welcome to one of the Year 4 pages. Throughout the year we aim to engage and inspire our children through their learning. We will work in many different ways and encourage each other to succeed through peer support and team work. We  strive to be kind, caring and welcoming to everyone. 

If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year please make an appointment to see me though the School Office.

Miss. Flood 

Class Teacher

Autumn 1

During this term, we are going to be studying the Ancient Egyptians and how their lifestyles and beliefs differ from ours today. We will look into key figures, including Tutankhamen, and the discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter as well as looking at Egyptian art. 

In science, children will be looking at how sound travels and the differing frequencies. Children will also investigate different types of rocks and how we can classify them.  

Across other foundation subjects, we will be looking at a wide range of topics. Children will be learning to talk about them selves in French and how to ask each other simple questions. During R.E lessons, children will discuss places of worship and how they are different in different religions. During P.E, we will be covering a range of skills in dance and netball.