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Reading and Phonics

Curriculum KS1 and 2

Literacy including Phonics

From Y1, children are taught all aspects of literacy in streamed groups. This means that children of broadly similar ability are brought together for the teaching of reading, writing, grammar and spelling.

In Y1 and 2 the curriculum is based on a published scheme, ‘Read, Write Inc.’ This is heavily phonics based and aims to get all children reading fluently by the end of Y1. Children work through a series of ditties before moving on to read modern and appealing books at their own national curriculum level. As they move through the reading scheme they are taught the phonetic elements of the English language in a highly structured and rapid manner so that they are able to apply phonic knowledge to both reading and writing from a very early stage. In addition to this very focused approach children are given regular opportunities to write at length during designated extended writing sessions which take place every week.

By Y2, many children are ready to leave the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme and to move on to a broader literacy curriculum which is based on a published scheme called ‘Literacy and Language’ but also incorporates other texts and opportunities for children to write at length.

In KS2 children continue to work in streamed groups and again literacy teaching is broadly based on ‘Literacy and Language’ with other texts being used where necessary. Grammar and spelling are taught as separate elements of the literacy curriculum.
Children who need extra support in literacy may access additional sessions called interventions where any areas of difficulty are addressed in a one to one or small group situation.

Reading and writing are formally assessed each half term and the outcomes recorded in children’s personal records.