Welcome back to a new and important term for Year 2, before their transition into Key Stage 2. We are continuing to be impressed by Year 2’s attitude and willingness to learn and have some exciting topics planned for the term ahead.

Within Year 2, we have Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Solly, who work together in a job share role supported by Mrs. Dowson (TA)

  • Mrs Anderson (Mon pm, Thu pm, Fri am/pm)
  • Mrs Solly (Mon am, Tue am/pm, Wed am/pm, Thu am)


In English this term, we will be reading a variety of fiction books which focus on life in different cultures, such as ‘The Secret of the Rain’  and ‘The Leopard’s Drum’. This will also link to the work we are doing in geography about Kenya. Following our reading, we will use our imagination to write our own stories, developing skills such as proof-reading to check for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Our non-fiction reading and writing will link to the topic work we are covering in History/Geography and Science this term.

We will read and learn ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ poem by Edward Lear, to perform from memory.


In Maths we will be recognising the place value of 2-digit numbers.

In calculation, we will be using the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction, multiplication and division to check calculations and missing number problems.

We will estimate and measure temperature and capacity,

We will be writing simple fractions and recognising equivalence.

In geometry, we will be comparing and sorting common 2D and 3D shapes in everyday objects, as well as exploring position and direction.

We will be learning how to solve a range of mathematical problems, including the addition/subtraction of money and giving change.

We will also be comparing sequences of time (any time revision at home would be most helpful).


 Weekly Maths and Spelling homework (Monday and Friday)