Hello and welcome to the Year 4 page. In Year 4 we aim to inspire learning by working as a team and understanding that success is achieved through hard work. We welcome all into our class and want to make all feel welcome. Below is an outline of what we will be covering this term. We also have displayed some pictures of work we have done in class. If you ever had any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me with the Main Office. Many thanks,

Mr Sparrow    Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Flood     Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Makin        Year 4 Student Teacher

Summer term


We will be looking at the text ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ by Oliver Jeffers. We will be looking closely at the language used by the author and using this to investigate synonyms and the antonym to words; we will also look at language for effect. We will look at a range of text types and look at how each text type has different features.


Place Value – Compare and order numbers beyond 1,000.

Fractions – Find the effect of dividing a 1-digit or 2-digit number by 10 and 100, identifying the value of the digits in the answer as ones, tenths and hundredths. count up and down in hundredths and tenths. Recognise and write decimals equivalents of any number of tenths and hundredths. Recognise and write simple equivalent decimals/fraction pairs.

Measure– Convert between different units of measure (e.g. km to m; hours to minutes)

Geometry Position and Direction – Describe positions on a 2D grid as coordinates in the first quadrant, Describe movements between positions as translations.